Regards From The Beatleland (1999)

All The Young People Somehow Have To Begin
Backward Man
Hey Mr. Browny
Come Here Soon
You Are
Learning To Fly
So Good So Bad
Anywhere You Look
Who Leads Me
Simple Story (of the man and woman)
How Can I Win The Fights With Your Lies
Girl From The Picture
I´ve Seen Your World
You And I (we are just the dream)
I Want To Be Your Friend

My Private Heaven (2000)

Heaven Is Mine
Winter´s Day Falling
I Am Your Angel
Song For My Daughter
It Does Me Good
Wicked Games On The Garden Party
Song For My Love
Love Is A Tender Beauty Thing
Miss Dr. G.
With You
Unknown Lady
What I Should Like To Know
Catherine´s Song
Hope For Children
When My New Car Gently Weeps

Someone In The Middle (2009)

Winter´s Day Falling
The Girl From The Picture
Be Mine
Simple Story
You Are (John Lennon tribute)
Learning To Fly
Running Back To You
I Want To Be Your Friend
Anywhere You Look
How Can I Win The Fight With Your Lies
Hope For Children´2009

Welcome To My World (2011)

Welcome To My World
I´m So Close To You
On My Way To Big L.A.
The Song Written For You
Michelle Ma Belle
Loneliness Is Fading
Bye Bye
Unknown Lady
Come Here Soon
Hey Mr.Browny (Paul McCartney tribute)
With You
Song For My Daughter
Running Back To You
Three Miniatures
7Crosses Melody (Karel Gott tribute)

Vítanie nového dňa (2012)

Vítanie nového dňa
Tak strašne nerád ráno vstávam
Michaelle ma belle
Kúpim si poznámkový notes
Správa o prievane
Nápev o čakaní
Kúpim si poznámkový notes
Michaelle ma belle (klavírna verzia)
Pieseň o siedmych krížikoch (inštrum. klavírna verzia)

Backward Man (nevydané demoverzie)

Good Bye Girl
When It´s Raining Outside
Yellow Sky
When I Once Was Travelling to Memphis (Elvis Tribute)
Life Is So Hard
What I Would Like To
Travelling Abroad
Maybe I Will Go To USA
Dear Friends I Wish You Good Times
Say The Word
I Wish You Sunny Day

Piesne a belcantá (pre tenor)

Tak zas jdu dál i se svou písní
Píseň o sedmi křížcích
Nemohu odejít
Il Cantastorie
La Canzone Di Te

Inštrumentálne skladby (pre klavír, organ, sláčikové kvarteto)

Karel Svoboda Tribute
Heraldická rapsódia
K pamiatke reformácie (skladba pre organ)
Tri miniatúry (Ticho pred búrkou; Búrka; Opäť svieti slnko)
Nikdy nehovor nikdy
Keď skončí príbeh
Ezotheric theme